Expense Tracker for Windows 10

For the past few months, I’ve been working on an app (just to try it out) and it is an expense tracker (literally just recording and tracking all expenses). I’m about 60% done and I would publish it in the Windows Store. The reason behind this only being available (for now) at the Windows Store is that I know C# and it was logical for me to use it to TRY creating a modern application for today’s smartphones/tablets/desktop (only, this runs in Windows 10).

Why an expense tracker? For the last 5 years I’ve been looking for an app to manage my expenses and I’m sure there are great apps out there but just not what I need. Most wanted me to enter a budget and an income transaction – but not what I want – I resorted to using Google Sheets! So this app is based on what I want and need for an app that lists expenses.

Also, a goal for this project (a bit selfish) is so I could say that I published an app! Haha. And I would be a legit mobile developer. 🙂

For the coming months, I would be revealing some screenshots and the name of the app. Stay tuned (if there are readers of this blog).


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